Reaching Outside Our Borders

Community Residential Housing - We support the training, nursing oversight and staff development and of residential housing in the Orlando/Mount Dora/Leesburg area.



Workforce of Central Florida - Our sister company Abundant Life Nursing provides ongoing support to the hiring, staffing, placement and day-to-day management of employment efforts throughout Central Florida. 

Homeless Contributions - Our management team makes countless contributions to the local homeless with shelter and other life preserving support.



Serving the Disabled - Abundant Life Nursing is a certified member of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities



Kindness Donations - We are proud of our numerous contributions to those in need to include through the church and directly to individual with both financial and in-kind support.



Companion & Health Aide Support - Our management team and sister company provides local families with a variety of personal companion and health aide support.



Senior Citizens - We are proud of our commitment to help senior citizens both through healthcare services and personal care contributions.



Education - Our training commitment is second to none in support of providing jobs, employment and economic growth to the community we serve.



Youth - Our philanthropic platform is well rounded with the ongoing efforts to support various donations to youth endeavors.